Our professionals are deeply engaged in the seafood industry, with extensive knowledge of market pricing, industry trends and logistical solutions, so that our customers can stay ahead of the competition and remain focused on building their business.

Raymond Swanson


With over 30 years of experience in seafood processing, importing and exporting, Ray Swanson’s reputation and record of accomplishment are recognized throughout the seafood industry.


Ray Swanson has been processing whiting continuously since 1974 and has enjoyed consistent growth and success since that time.

Avery Kastin

Avery Kastin brings to Swanson Brothers experience in the food industry, both in seafood and various proteins including pork, poultry and beef.  Avery’s primary responsibilities include the operation and administration of the whiting business.  In addition, Avery imports a variety of seafood commodities into North America.

David Pizzo

David Pizzo brings to Swanson Brothers experience in the sourcing of a wide variety of fresh and frozen seafood items, and the entailing logistical solutions required.  David has significant experience in the North American protein industry, with expertise in the handling of pork, poultry and beef.


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