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Global Reach –

Seafood Across the Seven Seas

Swanson Brothers has a vast global network of processors, fishermen and suppliers worldwide that enable us to competitively source a wide variety of fresh and frozen seafood items. We work in global seafood market on a daily basis and as a result, are constantly up-to-date on local market trends and pricing.  Our experience as both processor and customer gives us a unique perspective that makes us more aware of the many processing and logistical issues that frequently arise so that in the end, our customers are assured that the product they request is the product they receive.



Swanson Brothers – Connecting you to the Global Seafood Market


Swanson Brothers’ reach spans the globeThrough our international network, we are able to be “on the ground” locally – worldwide.


Our offices are located in Georgia, California and British Columbia, through which we are able to effectively manage the operations of the whiting business as well as source seafood throughout the world, including Eastern Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.




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